Spokane County Courthouse

This project was the remodel/renovation of approximately 4,400 square feet of office spaces and Courtrooms in the Spokane County Courthouse 2nd floor, for the Family Law Center and courtrooms.

The project involved historic restoration and preservation of existing features including portions of the project that were part of the original building built in 1885. The features of this project included maintaining portions of the original 1885 flooring in a vault converted to a conference room, as well as 1885 steel doors and frames.

Structural modifications were made to strengthen previously damaged portions of the masonry walls and unique flooring system. The space was given new custom casework and woodwork to match the historic features of the building. Modern conveniences and security measures were added along with upgraded electrical, HVAC, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm and plumbing.

Location: Spokane, WA
Customer: Spokane County

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