Pharmacy Renovations

NNAC was the Prime Contractor. Work involved major renovation to existing active pharmacy that remained in operation throughout construction. Level IV Infection dust control was implemented and maintained, and work was phased into four parts to allow for uninterrupted pharmacy operation.

We handled all management aspects of the project which consisted of onsite superintendent, safety, quality control, and project management, and self-performed selective demolition, finishes carpentry, moving, infection control dust containment, and final cleaning.

“NNAC did an exceptional job of working with the Clinic and Pharmacy staff to perform the work with the least amount of operational impact. The contractor team designed and constructed a space that satisfied the Pharmacy requirements and was an exceptionally successful project. They were very customer-focused, safety conscientious, and provided a quality product that the customer was very pleased with.”

Zhi Chen, FEAD Director, NAVFAC

Location: Everett, WA
Customer: NAVFAC Northwest
Completion Date: June 2015
Contract Amount: $ 782,652

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