Bayview Pier 42

An existing Naval facility, Pier 42 exhibited heavy deterioration and was determined to be structurally unsound. Floating walkway 05 was also heavily deteriorated and in need of repairs. This contract provided selective demolition of the existing sharksmouth, superstructure, crane & rail system, timber substructure and fender piles.

Pier 42 new installation included crane outrigger steel support piles, structural pile jackets, replacement of timber bracing, steel ladder, handrails & swing-gate, installed new fender/guide piles and guide assemblies, under-pier dry-fire suppression system, connection to existing 8” sewer main, electrical distribution and exterior LED lighting.

Walkway 05 new installation included driving steel pipe piles, removal & replacement of timber guide pile assemblies & rub rails, timber stringers, and timber pile cap at landing platform. Trade work included crane operations; (both crawler & barge mounted), selective demolition & deconstruction, structural steel, metal ladders & railings, pier timberwork, painting & marine coatings, dry-fire suppression system, steel pipe piles, wood marine piles, asphalt cutting & patching, striping, electrical distribution, exterior lighting, sanitary sewer connection, and polymer pile encapsulation.

Location: Bayview, ID
Customer: U.S. Navy

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